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 Thu, 21. Oct. 2021   Jagals, Marvin

GUIDE - Start-up Coffee Talk with Prof. Ahlemann on Friday, 29.10.2021

On Friday, 29th October, Prof. Ahlemann will be the guest at the GUIDE Start-up Coffee Talk. The topic will be “From startup-savvy students to startup-supporting professors." Interested parties are always welcome to join in the discussion and ask questions.

Answering research questions, developing ideas for projects, and pursuing diverse approaches - all this is part of the scientific process. Whenever it is a question of developing a project beyond the scientific framework or making research results usable, founding from university work becomes interesting.

How diverse this topic is at the UDE, what motivations are behind individual start-ups and what strategies there are for building up your own company, this is what our start-up coaches shed light on in the Start-up Coffee Talk in conversation with interesting guests.

A registration is possible at the link below: