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Master project in the area of developing a green tips app for mobile devices

Everyone can contribute to addressing the global climate disruption. It often only takes small suggestions, or gentle hints to remind and steer people toward alternative and more eco-sustainable behaviors. In IS research these hints and reminders are called nudges and can come in both analog (e.g. signs, sounds) and digital forms (e.g. icons, pop-up messages). To achieve their maximal influencing potential, they are also often tailored to a person’s behavior or personality (e.g. by analyzing user preferences). This IS project seeks to take up these insights and investigate how nudges can be used to influence people toward increased pro-environmental behavior.

Specifically, this IS project asks students to i) design nudges that respect and address a person’s personality ii) design and develop a mobile app so that these nudges can be delivered to app users to influence them toward more pro-environmental behavior.

This (Master) project is, consequently, of interest for students who want to learn more about human personalities and characteristics, or who want to develop an app for mobile devices aimed at stimulating more pro-environmental behavior in its users. It may also be of interest to students who want to learn more about their own personality and reflect on their (ecological) behavior

If you are interested in this IS project, please apply as soon as possible.

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