Type of Publication: Article in Collected Edition

On making a difference: Towards an integrative framework for Green IT and Green IS adoption

Schmermbeck, H.
Title of Anthology:
Proceedings of the 52nd annual Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science
Hawaii, USA
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Organizations and society nowadays face significant challenges. Organizations are required to fundamentally digital transform by assimilating Information Technology (IT) and Information System (IS) assets. Society faces an increasingly severe global climate disruption and needs to become more environmentally friendly. Green IT (GIT) and Green IS (GIS), as technologies and initiatives that seek to reduce the negative impacts of IT/IS on the environment, are a response to this. They can help organizations to gain a competitive advantage while also addressing broad-scale environmental issues. We undertake a literature review to frame the general GIT/GIS adoption process. We provide an overarching understanding by modeling a sequence of five cognitive adoption phases (outset, pre-adoption, adoption, post-adoption, and outcome) on four levels (environmental, societal, organizational, and individual). By recognizing that GIT/GIS adoption has multiple drivers and outcomes, we provide an extensive perspective on GIT/GIS adoption.