News Detail:

 Mon, 09. Oct. 2017   Hoffmann, David

Two SITM projects offered during winter term (AI & augmented reality)

In the upcoming winter term, the Chair of Information Systems and Strategic IT Management offers master and bachelor students several IS projects dealing with the development and assessment of an AI-supported software prototype as well as the development of a prototype to visualize IT architectures with Augmented Reality. 

In general, students will be asked to take an active role in the projects, taking on responsibilities for the project’s planning, data collection, software development, and user interface design. Several groups of students will therefore be formed or assigned to work in different work streams, depending on their suitability and familiarity with software development and other techniques.

The projects offer unique opportunities to experience real-world, on-going research projects. Further, they are a great way to deepen your software development, theoretical thinking, business understanding, and rapid prototyping skills, all of which will enrich your CV.

A detailed description of the work and information on registering for the projects can be found here.