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 Mon, 15. May. 2017   Hoffmann, David

Successful guest lecture by Vaillant on digital transformation

On May 8, 2017, Dr. Rolf Tappe of the Vaillant Group gave a guest lecture titled ”Die Digitale Transformation als Herausforderung und Chance eines traditionellen Marktführers in der Heiztechnikbranche“.

Participating students and academic staff followed the talk on the opportunities and risks of the digital transformation for traditional engineering companies with great interest, and participated actively in the discussions.

Dr. Rolf Tappe is the managing director of digital transformation at Vaillant. His responsibilities include the development of new digital business models and the digitalization of business processes in terms of the Vaillant Group. The Vaillant Group is a leading company with more than 140 years of tradition. The group is also involved in the fields of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technology.