News Detail:

 Wed, 22. Feb. 2017   Hoffmann, David

Good evaluation results for “Academic Writing and Reviewing” and “Organizational Behavior” tutorials

The evaluation of the tutorials “Academic Writing and Reviewing” and “Organizational Behavior” tutorials has been released. In general, both tutorials were highly rated.

Overall, the tutorial “Academic Writing and Reviewing,” which Kevin Cless and Anna Khodijah presented, was very well received. The participants rated the course highly, giving it a total grade of 1.88 out of 5 (with 1 the best possible result). The evaluation of the tutorial “Organizational Behavior,” which Anna Khodijah presented, received a very good assessment of 1.81 out of 5.

These very good ratings are partially due to the renewed course contents and other continuous improvements. We are very pleased with these results, but continue to focus on improvements to provide an even deeper learning experience. The improvements are based on the quantitative assessment of our classes, as well as on individual comments.