News Detail:

 Wed, 29. Mar. 2017   Hoffmann, David

Be the First to Try Out AI-supported Benefits Management

Do you want to improve the way your company manages project benefits? Do you want to apply proven research findings with a tool supported by artificial intelligence?

The Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Forschungstransfers e.V. (GFFT), in cooperation with the Chair of Information Systems and Strategic IT Management at the University of Duisburg-Essen and Ardour Consulting, is looking for companies to adopt and test a prototype application for projects’ benefits management. This application, currently in development, uses artificial intelligence (AI) and a set of research findings to ensure your company actually achieves the benefits that project promised.

Your organization will work with researchers and other GFFT practitioners to systematically adopt and provide feedback on this innovative solution. You have the opportunity to be an early adopter and a key stakeholder in this interesting and dynamic research application to help you improve your benefits management.

At this stage, we are looking for a few companies that are willing to try this tool and actively provide feedback to help us develop the prototype further to fit your needs. This AI-supported benefits management aims to increase the value and predictability of your projects.

If you are interested in discussing this opportunity further, please contact us via email ( or phone (+49 201 183 4700).