News Detail:

 Mon, 29. Oct. 2018   Hoffmann, David

The SITM chair offers four new bachelor theses in the field of Smart City

The Chair of Information Systems and Strategic IT Management is looking for bachelor students planning to write their final thesis in the near future. Accordingly, three interesting topics in the field of Smart City are offered:

Bachelor Thesis 1: Classifying Smart Cities - Towards a taxonomy of Smart City initiatives

This bachelor thesis focuses on developing a taxonomy describing Smart City initiatives according to different criteria in order to help researchers classify future Smart City initiatives.

Bachelor Thesis 2: Governing the digital transformation of cities – Governance mechanisms for future Smart Cities

This bachelor thesis goal is to identify current implemented governance approaches in Smart City initiatives. 

Bachelor Thesis 3: Smart City Sensor Platforms

This bachelor thesis aims to analyze the market of Smart City sensor platforms. Based on the findings, this thesis will provide recommendations on how Smart Cities could use sensor platforms.

Bachelor Thesis 4: Opportunities and threats of social media usage in smart city initiatives

This bachelor thesis goal is to identify the opportunities and threats of municipal institutions' increased social media usage and to investigate how social media can be used to address the seven psychological barriers.

For further information, see the attached document.