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 Thu, 02. Apr. 2020   Karger, Erik

Teaching, Lectures and Theses of the SITM chair in the summer term 2020

The current situation of the Covid-19 epidemic goes along with widespread impairments in terms of exams, teaching and other university processes.

This has also implications for the SITM chair which are explained below.

Winter semester 2019/20


According to the last announcement, no exams will take place until the 19th April. When and in which form the exams will be realized is not yet certain and still has to be decided.

Summer semester 2020

Lectures in the summer semester 2020

In the next summer semester, the SITM chair will offer the following lectures:

  • IT-Projektmanagement (B. Sc.)
  • Business & IT Consulting (M. Sc.)
  • Strategic Planning of Information Systems (M. Sc.)

All lectures in the next summer semester will be conducted virtually and without presence in the beginning. More information regarding the access to the courses will be provided later.

WISEM/Seminar theses

The seminar papers within the WISEM process of the business informatics chairs will proceed as usual and in this case there will be no delays due to corona. Dates and deadlines applicable to the WISEM process can be found here:

If necessary, the first kick-off events and workshops will take place virtually. The same holds true for the communication with the supervisors.


All registered theses will still be supervised. The supervision process now will take place virtual, for example via E-Mail, Skype or Microsoft Teams. Please contact your supervisor for more details. The initiation of new theses will take place initially by e-mail.

The submission of the final theses can take place virtual, too. Furthermore, there is the option to extend the deadline for the submission. More information is available under the following link:

The following links provides general information and new announcements or updates about the current situation:

We would like to provide the lectures and the supervision of theses as normal as possible in the next semester. To achieve this, a presence in person won’t be necessary as long as it would be a risk for the health and against the current recommendations.