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 Fri, 14. Jun. 2019   Rehring, Kevin

SITM papers presented by Kevin Rehring and Jan Mikolon at the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2019

Two full-papers developed at our chair were presented at this year’s European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), which was held at Stockholm and Uppsala, Sweden from June 8–14, 2019.

Mr. Rehring presented the paper “Conceptualizing EA Cities: Towards visualizing Enterprise Architectures as Cities” and co-authored by Tim Brée, Jens Gulden, and Laurenz Bredenfeld. In this paper, the authors propose an extension of enterprise architecture (EA) visualizations by describing possible EAs consisting of business, application, data, and technology components, thus following the city metaphor. Based on empirical data, the authors developed a formal language and mapped real-world EA objects to everyday city elements like streets, houses, and cars. The paper can be downloaded here:

Mr. Mikolon presented an extension of his master thesis, which David Hoffmann, Malte Greulich, and Matthias Werner co-authored. In “To Row Together or Paddle One’s Own Canoe? Simulating Strategies to Spur Digital Platform Growth,” Mr. Mikolon presented an AI-based simulation approach to help IT managers establish successful digital platforms as business models. The article is available here:

Since it was first held in 1993, ECIS has been become the most important and prestigious European conference on information systems research. The conference encompasses various IS-relevant topics and is held regularly at alternative locations. For more information, please visit