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 Wed, 30. Jan. 2019   Hoffmann, David

SITM papers presented by Kevin Rehring and Helge Schmermbeck at the Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science (HICSS) 2019

The paper “Let’s get in touch – Decision-making about Enterprise Architecture using 3D Visualization in Augmented Reality” by Kevin Rehring, Malte Greulich, and Laurenz Bredenfeld and “On making a difference: Towards an integrative framework for Green IT and Green IS adoption” by Helge Schmermbeck were both presented at the Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science on 10.01.2019.

Mr. Rehring presented a prototype that visualizes an Enterprise Architecture (EA) in the form of a three-layer model using an Augmented Reality (AR), head-mounted display (HMD) device based on real-life company data. The results suggest that EA-related decision-making can profit from applying AR, although specific training is needed when dealing with HMD devices.

Mr. Schmermbeck presented an integrative framework that summarizes and integrates various Green IT/IS frameworks and models as an extensive perspective on Green IT/IS adoption. This framework models a sequence of five cognitive adoption phases (outset, pre-adoption, adoption, post-adoption, and outcome) on four levels (environmental, societal, organizational, and individual) and recognizes that Green IT/IS adoption has multiple, interrelated drivers and outcomes.

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