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 Thu, 12. Nov. 2020   Schermbeck, Helge

SITM paper on “Green IT Quick Wins” accepted for journal publication in HMD - Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik

We are thrilled to announce that the paper “Green IT Quick Wins – Wie Unternehmen durch kurzfristig umsetzbare IT-Maßnahmen langfristig mehr Nachhaltigkeit erreichen können” has been accepted for publication in the journal HMD - Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik. The paper was written by Phil Gonserkewitz, Helge Schmermbeck, and Frederik Ahlemann.

Paper abstract

Companies increasingly need to meet stringent environmental requirements. Relying on information technologies (IT) and information systems (IS) usage, and especially their inclusion in and for sustainability initiatives, can make a major contribution to meeting these requirements. In order to support managers’ efforts, literature was analyzed to identify Green IT and Green IS measures. These were then categorized by feasibility and ecological benefits. Many of these measures relate to the use and management of hardware, and are therefore categorized as Green IT. All the identified measures can and need to be seen as the first steps of a long-term sustainability strategy applied beyond the company boundaries. Owing to companies’ diversity, the presented results are nevertheless not universal, since an enterprise’s characteristics determine their adoption and usage.

The article will be published in Volume 58, Issue 1 in February 2021covering the "IT and Sustainability" topic.