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 Wed, 13. May. 2020   Bergan, Peder

SITM chair offers a master thesis on Smart City architecture principles

Master students, who are about to write their final thesis in the near future may be interested to know that the Chair of Information Systems and Strategic IT Management offers a thesis on Smart City architecture principles.

Developing Smart City solutions often requires complex collaboration between diverse organizations and systems. Given that Smart City initiatives face certain challenges comparable to those of traditional enterprises, existing Smart City architectures are often to some extent based on generic enterprise architecture (EA) frameworks which could direct and guide a city’s digital transformation.

The aim of this thesis should be the evaluation and comparison of architecture principles in different smart city initiatives. For this purpose, interviews with representatives of selected Smart Cities and document analysis will be conducted. Based on these insights, managerial recommendations and potentially a standardized approach for the development and establishment of architecture principles in smart cities could be proposed.

If you are interested in this master thesis, please apply as soon as possible.

Further information can be found in the thesis description.