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 Wed, 04. Sep. 2019   Schmermbeck, Helge

SITM chair and WBD offer a shared master thesis on organizational AI usage for environmental protection

Master students, who are about to write their final thesis in the near future may be interested in knowing that the Chair of Information Systems and Strategic IT Management, in cooperation with the Wirtschaftsbetriebe Duisburg (WBD) offer a thesis on artificial intelligence (AI), and Green information Systems (Green IS).

The thesis is based on the “Strategic Artificial Intelligence” strategy of the federal government of Germany that aims to make Germany a leading site for AI, and AI usage. One of the goals of this strategy is to use AI in companies, that its usage can positively contribute to its resource usage, as well as its overall impact on the natural environment. The WBD – a municipal waste and infrastructure company, and strategic partner of the SITM chair – seeks to take part in this initiative, and consequently implement AI in a pioneering project.

Students who apply on the thesis are asked to academically support and document the WBD in the ongoing application and project initiation. It is a great opportunity to not only come in contact with corporate decision makers but also better understand corporate innovation and sustainability processes.

If you are interested in this interesting master thesis, please apply as soon as possible.

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