News Detail:

 Wed, 14. Mar. 2018   Hoffmann, David

Publication of a paper in the new anthology “Flexibles Lernen mit digitalen Medien ermöglichen”

We are proud to announce that the article “Mehr in besserer Qualität - Blended Learning im Kontext der IT-Projektmanagementausbildung” (More of better quality – bledded learning in the context of IT project management training) was published in the book “Flexibles Lernen mit digitalen Medien ermöglichen” (Digital-media-enabled flexible learning).

In this paper, David Hoffmann, Jan Mikolon, and Frederik Ahlemann highlight the importance of project managers’ competencies and how students’ project management competencies can be trained by using blended learning techniques. Furthermore, the authors describe how to transform traditional classes into a blended-learning format, as exemplified by the IT-project management course. 

This anthology describes the e-learning strategy and measures employed at the UDE, as well as the increasing role of digitalization in students’ lives.

The open access book can be found at the link below.