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 Tue, 27. Jul. 2021   Karger, Erik

Prof. Dr. Frederik Ahlemann and Erik Karger present study results at Future IT Talk

Prof. Dr. Frederik Ahlemann and Erik Karger from the SITM chair participated in the webinar Future IT Talk on 21.07.2021. Together with experts from Campana & Schott, the first findings of the Future IT Report 2021 were presented and discussed. In particular, the focus was on the findings on topics such as sustainability, objectives in the digital transformation, and the influences of the COVID 19 pandemic.

The Future IT Report, which the SITM Chair has already compiled for the second time with the management consultancy Campana & Schott, provides not only scientific statements on the status quo of digital transformation in the economy, but also empirically validated success factors for practical implementation in companies. Key topics were, among others, sustainability, goals and challenges of the digital transformation, and the importance of cooperation.

The study can be downloaded from the following link:

A recording of the Future IT Talk from 07/21/2021 is available at the following link: