News Detail:

 Mon, 27. Aug. 2018   Hoffmann, David

Prof. Ahlemann’s assignment as leader of the working group E-Government in Duisburg’s Smart City Initiative

As part of the Smart City Duisburg initiative, several workshops on different topics related to a Smart City will be offered from the start of September. Both professional participants and Duisburg citizens have been invited to join. They can apply online and the program management will select them objectively. The workshops will always be led by two well-known persons.

Prof. Ahlemann and Martin Murrack will be responsible for the workshop on E-Government. E-Government comprises the electronic interconnection of government and administrative tasks, as well as citizens’ digital participation in public offers and projects. Through digitization, public administration becomes more effective and flexible. E-Government makes it possible for citizens to actively participate in their city and simultaneously ensures that the city employees are relieved of some of their workload.

Some projects have already been realized, for example, digital bills and self-service terminals in citizen service stations. Prof. Ahlemann will work closely with the Smart City Duisburg program management to ensure that the workshops in this important topic area are fruitful and provide the city with innovative ideas. He will also help bring together the various stakeholder groups, such as local companies, citizens, researchers, politicians, and bureaucrats, to allow them to drive the city of Duisburg to a successful and modern E-Government.