News Detail:

 Wed, 30. Oct. 2019   Werner, Matthias

Prof. Ahlemann and Matthias Werner representing the SITM chair at the conference “Inspektions- und SanierungsTage”

On November 26, 2019, Prof. Ahlemann and his research associate Matthias Werner will each present a talk at the “Inspektions- und SanierungsTage” conference in Dortmund. In his talk, Prof. Ahlemann will explain what digitalization actually comprises and how it currently challenges companies.

Matthias Werner will cover the necessity of continuous learning in the digital age in his talk, as well as introduce the professional development program initiated by Prof. Ahlemann and Prof. Schütte.

The conference is aimed at facilitating familiarity with new trends in the sewer inspection and renovation sector, the exchange of experiences, and the discussion of new topics.

The event is hosted by Deutsche Vereinigung für Wasserwirtschaft, Abwasser und Abfall e.V. (DWA).

The DWA is an independent association advocating sustainable water management and the promotion of science and development.