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 Fri, 16. Dec. 2016   Hoffmann, David

Guest lecture: “Organizational Behavior: Perspectives from different cultures” on Tuesday, 31.01.2017

The Chair of Information Systems and Strategic IT Management (SITM) is proud to welcome experienced professionals from the US, Japan, and Germany for a guest lecture session to be held on Tuesday, 31.01.2017 on the topic “Organizational Behavior: Perspectives from different cultures”. It will be a combination of a classroom and virtual session with the three guest lecturers sharing their knowledge and experience, after which question will be answered.

Mr. Marcel Groß, a German, is a Service Manager B2B at E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH. He studied Information Systems at the FOM in Essen. He has years of experience at IT/Telco companies with a multicultural working environment. He will talk about how, if applied well at work, organizational behavior knowledge can advance careers.
Mr. Joe Cooper, an American, is a seasoned speaker and a project, program, and portfolio management consultant at Allegient - LLC, Indianapolis, USA. He studied Laser Physics at the Graduate School of Oklahoma State University and earned BS degrees in Physics, Mathematics, and Professional Pilot Technology from Indiana State University. He has years of experience as an IT project/portfolio manager. He will elaborate on emotional intelligence and how it impacts IT project team cohesiveness.
Prof. Tetsuya Toma, a Japanese, teaches at the Graduate School of System Design and Management of Keio University, Japan. He worked for 20 years before his appointment as a professor. He will talk about some of his previous projects and the organizational culture of the places where he worked. 

We warmly invite all interested students and colleagues to attend this guest lecture session on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at 12:15 PM in room R14 R02 B07. Contact: Anna Yuliarti Khodijah.