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 Mon, 23. Jan. 2017   Hoffmann, David

Guest lecture: IT Law and Compliance on Wednesday 08.02.2017

On Wednesday 08.02.2017, the Chair of Information Systems and Strategic IT Management (SITM) will welcome Mr. Karsten Wilop and Mr. Andre Terwort from PwC as guest lecturers. These consultants’ lecture will be on IT law and compliance and its role in and impact on other aspects of IT management.

This is a highly relevant and interesting topic for students, researchers, and practitioners alike. Interested persons are warmly invited to attend the lecture in room R14 R02 B07 at 12:15.

  • Date: Wednesday 08.02.2017 12:15-13:45
  • Room: R14 R02 B07
  • Speakers: Karsten Wilop and Andre Terwort
  • Company: PwC