News Detail:

 Tue, 23. May. 2017   Hoffmann, David

Guest lecture by Dr. Andreas Drechsler on June 19, 2017 on his experiences with international job markets for young researchers

The guest lecture, followed by a discussion, deals with his experiences with searching for an entry-level position for his academic career. In this context, Dr. Drechsler will focus on presenting actionable advice for a successful application as an assistant professor or similar academic positions in international environments. 

Furthermore, the lecture deals with two primary issues. On one hand, he will talk about the structural differences between universities and regions such as Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavian, USA, Canada, Australia, as well as New Zealand, and compare them with Germany. On the other hand, Dr. Drechsler will refer to the cultural practices and expectations in international application processes.

All interested academic staff is warmly invited to attend the talk in room R09 R01 H02 at 2 pm on June 19. Master students considering an academic career are also very welcome.