News Detail:

 Tue, 21. Feb. 2017   Hoffmann, David

Good evaluation results for IT-Management

The evaluation of the IT Management course presented by Prof. Frederik Ahlemann and Peder Bergan has been released. The participants rated both the lecture and tutorial as good.

The course was changed to a blended learning concept this semester. It comprises an extensive application of Moodle features, many videos featuring Prof. Ahlemann and expert interviews. The course was very well received. The lecture received an evaluation score of 2.16, and the tutorial 2.13 (out of 5, with 1 as the best possible result).The  participants appreciated the blended learning concept, the guest lectures, and practice-oriented case assignments. However, the students noted that the workload of this self-directed learning approach is higher than that of traditional courses.

We are very pleased with these results, but continue to focus on improvements to provide an even deeper learning experience. These improvements are based on the quantitative assessment of our classes, as well as on individual comments.