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 Tue, 31. Mar. 2020   Karger, Erik

Future IT Report 2020 investigates the influence of Digital Transformation on German companies

How strong is the influence of the Digital Transformation on German companies? Which industries have the greatest benefits and which technologies are adapted most? Answers to these and even more questions are provided in the recently published Future IT Report 2020.

The Future IT Report was developed by the SITM chair, together with the consulting company Campana & Schott. It not only provides scientific statements on the status quo of the economy’s digital transformation, but also on empirically proven success factors for its practical implementation in companies.

This study’s database consists of 182 employees of large and medium-sized companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. A questionnaire was utilized to question these companies about various of their internal and external aspects. Of the SITM chair, Prof. Dr. Frederik Ahlemann, Matthias Werner, Erik Karger, Tim Bree and Phil Barth were involved in the analysis and assessment of the data.

The study can be downloaded at the following link:

Follow-up studies are planned during the coming years to investigate the further development of digital transformation and its influence on German companies.