News Detail:

 Thu, 06. Jun. 2019   Khodijah, Anna

Exceptional Evaluation of “Organizational Behavior Course” Winter Semester 2018/2019

We pleased to report on the exceptional feedback from the “Organizational Behavior” (“OB”) course presented in the 2018/2019 winter semester. The course’s participants were Bachelor students studying Information Systems, Applied Computer Science, Business Administration, Economics, and for the State-certified Teacher Training Course with professional profile Information Systems. Organizational behavior is an interdisciplinary field of research that investigates the impact that individuals, groups, and an [organizational] structure have on behaviour within organizations, in order to apply this knowledge to improve an organization’s effectiveness. The course comprised three main parts: self-paced learning (using e-learning modules), just-in-time teaching (classroom) and tutorial sessions. Prof. Frederik Ahlemann presented the just-in-time lecture and Anna Khodijah, M.Sc. was in charge of the tutorial sessions. In addition to the lecture and tutorial, practitioners shared their knowledge and real-case experience related to the course content in two guest lectures. The students expressed their satisfaction with the overall lecture and tutorial sessions (the lecture received a score of 2.1 and the tutorial is 1.8 - with 1.0 being the best possible result) by means of a course evaluation.

In their feedback, the students valued many areas positively. They stated that the individual sessions’ contents were coherently integrated into the topic’s broader context, that the lecturer showed real interest in their learning success and answered their questions or remarks appropriately, and that the exercises contributed to a deeper understanding of the content, with these exercises discussed and corrected in a way that they could follow.

The exam result was also satisfactory. The participating students received an average grade of 2.5, with 14 % of them achieving a grade of 1.7 or better.

This very good result (both the evaluation and the exam grades) motivates us to continue improving the course in order to provide the students with an enjoyable blended-learning process.

We look forward to welcoming the participating students to the next OB session in the 2019/2020 winter semester.