News Detail:

 Tue, 16. Oct. 2018   Hoffmann, David

Duisburg City Council ratifies the latest e-government strategy largely developed by the SITM chair

The Chair of Information Systems and Strategic IT Management (SITM) has made a major contribution to the development of the newest e-government strategy, which the Duisburg city administration board has ratified.

This e-government strategy is aligned with Duisburg’s digital master plan in order to ensure strong synergies. Based on a framework that the chair developed, the strategy formulates specific goals and a suitable organizational structure, including the required processes and the underlying IT architecture. The management of risks and ensuring business continuity are just as much a part of the strategy as the planning to build the required competences. An overview of the current digitization projects completes the document.

The administration supports the City of Duisburg’s digitization efforts significantly through this e-government strategy and drives the development of citizen-friendly digital services.