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 Wed, 21. Nov. 2018   Hoffmann, David

Call for papers for “Scientific Forum for Mobility” (Wissenschaftsforum Mobilität)

A call for papers was issued for the 11th Scientific Forum for Mobility (Wissenschaftsforum Mobilität) in 2019. The call goes out to interested researchers and practitioners.

In 2019, the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Duisburg-Essen will continue its successful Scientific Forum for Mobility. The 11th Scientific Forum in Duisburg, which is scheduled for 23 May 2019, will focus on ‘New Dimensions in Mobility Systems,’ and is expected to attract around 200 high-profile participants from academia, industry, and politics.

Since 2008, the annual Scientific Forum for Mobility has offered participants a platform for intensive discussions on research projects concerning mobility – a dynamic research field with a wide range of interesting topics.