News Detail:

 Wed, 02. Aug. 2017   Hoffmann, David

Article published in Business & Information Systems Engineering

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Nils Urbach and Prof. Frederik Ahlemann contributed a discussion section to the article “Digitalization: Opportunity and Challenge for the Business and Information Systems Engineering Community,” which was published in the Business & Information Systems Engineering Journal (BISE).

In their discussion section, “IT Management in the Digital Age: The IT Function’s Changing Role in the Focus of BISE Research,” Nils Urbach and Frederik Ahlemann point out that the new developments due to the current digitalization require a new setup for the IT function. They therefore present three key requirements for a modern IT function in the digital age. 

The Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE) is an international scholarly journal that publishes scientific research on individuals, groups, enterprises, and society’s effective and efficient design and utilization of information systems to improve social welfare.

The article can be found here.