Directions by train

At Essen Hauptbahnhof, take tram 101 (direction Borbeck) or 105 (direction Fintrop). The underground station is in the basement. Look for the blue Stadtbahn signs. 

The underground station is just two stops from Essen Hauptbahnhof (i.e. short-distance fare). Get off the tram at Rheinischer Platz and take the escalator. Choose the left-hand exit and continue straight until you reach the first traffic light (in front of the university).

Turn left into Universitätsstraße. After approximately 50 m, turn right (at the gate) and enter the campus. Keep to your right and pass the entrance to the bibliothecaon on the right. After approximately 30 m, you reach the university’s new building. SITM is on the first floor. Pass through the glass door, walk along the corridor and pass through the next glass door. SITM is on your left.

SITM’s office code is R09 R01 H35. If you get lost, use this code to get support on the campus.